Virtual Class Trip

Using iDevices, class 6b have been on a virtual field trip to various global destinations. Their job was to investigate the destinations in order to write a travel guide. I pushed the lesson to all the class using Dropbox, in groups the children then read the learning objectives and discovered their destinations (New York, Rio or Moscow).

I had already asked the children to download relevant apps for their cyber-journey (world travel guides, aroundertouch, upnext 3D cities, easy atlas, google earth etc). At first children simply explored their respective cities interactively. We then spent time looking at examples of interactive travel-guides and their content.

We made a comprehensive list of areas of expertise (hotels, restaurants, nightlife, travel, phrases, do’s and don`ts, currency, must see places etc), the children then chose their preferred area of study and started their detailed research. Some chose to take notes on their iDevice whilst others straight onto a Laptop. Working both independently and collaboratively, the children then completed the research and moved onto another subject area.

Eventually, using MS Publisher their notes were re-written and they created their travel guides. Using ‘FlipSnack’, we then converted the Publisher Files to interactive books which you can see below (with Flash). It was the first real test of the children being completely in charge of their own learning using the iDevices. I was able to facilitate the proceedings whilst the children were mature,  able and motivated enough to produce some outstanding travel guides that they can be extremely proud of.

<a href=””>Flipsnack </a>


4 thoughts on “Virtual Class Trip

  1. Thanks for including UpNext 3D Cities in your lesson plan. Would love to see the New York City travel guide your students created. Love how you are using technology to improve the learning experience. Email me anytime with feedback or comments.

    Danny Moon
    CEO, UpNext


    • Thanks for your feedback, the kids loved your app – they thought it was extremely cool! I’ll post the New York Guide ASAP. Have you any plans to make 3D guides for European Cities?


  2. Looks like you are having lots of fun with your Ipads and pods!

    I am a year 6 teacher from Manchester UK and was very impressed with your travel guides. I am going to go and check out that list of Apps you used as some of them are new to me. We don’t have them in school but I always like looking for my own pleasure. Feel free to look at our blog and steal anything worth stealing!

    Dan Heap


    • Thanks for your comments! We are indeed having fun with the iDevices, hopefully we will be introducing them into the curriculum more often next school year. I really do think that their potential as a learning tool is huge. I will keep updating this blog with our progress and of course any other apps that we use on the way. I am looking forward to exploring your blog. Enjoy your summer.


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