Solids, Liquids & Gases

My last ever topic at The International School of Monaco is Solids, Liquids & Gases and I really want to ensure I leave ISM with a bang… A more appropriate subject could not have been selected! Here is what we are getting up to:


To start the project off we had a class discussion about how molecules behaved in the major three states of matter. We then came up with a great way of demonstrating this which also kick-started their interest – The Harlem State (Of matter)!

This gave the children a pretty could grounding from which they could build their knowledge through interesting investigations and experiments.


Next I wanted to get to grips with the awesome Explain Everything app. After a quick intro and demonstration of its capabilities, I simply set the task of researching a little further & explaining what they understood about the states of matter using the app! This is an example of the results:

We then used some easy, simple but fun experiment ideas from the brilliant Birmingham Science museum ThinkTank site. They have a monthly, ‘Experiment of the month’ and group them into sections that fit neatly with KS2 science expectations. Again, the ever-flexible Explain Everything proved a brilliant way to plan, hypothesize, film the experiment, collate results and conclude. Here is an example:

Does Air Have Mass?

Finally, we also looked at The Water Cycle. Again, Explain Everything was used by the students to demonstrate their understanding. Take a look at these two high quality examples; both done by 10 year old children…


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