A New Perspective…

I am writing this blog post from my new classroom at King’s Rochester after leaving the International School of Monaco in June. In my old classroom, in Monte Carlo, one of the first things people commented on was the view. You could see the whole of Monaco and the surrounding towns of Beausoleil and La Turbie perched perilously on the steep beginnings of the imposing, but stunning Alpine mountain range. My new classroom view had a lot to live up to…


However, it is with great pleasure that I can announce the offerings outside my new place of work are absolutely fantastic, and very quintessentially English. The pristine cricket green is wonderfully complemented by an amazing backdrop of historic Rochester Castle and Cathedral. King's Rochester View

These two very different, but equally pleasing, classroom perspectives are in a sense metaphorical of my new job. I have a very exciting challenge to redefine the use of technology. At present I have a computer lab of 18 Dell desktops running Windows 2003 and (wait for it) no WiFi! All this after I helped to establish 1:2:1 iPad deployment, MacBook Pro’s for student use and fibre optic WiFi at ISM. Two very different set-ups, but two equally exciting challenges.

Current tech-limitations aside, there is one obvious, but incredible opportunity at King’s to redefine learning; school blogging. I have already contacted educational blogs guru, John Sutton, to establish King’s Blog Site which will be operational from September. This is the first step of many in my quest to complement the ancient tradition of King’s with the transformational learning opportunities provided by the remarkable technology we have at our disposal.


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