Old School

Old School

My first two weeks at King’s have been exciting, challenging but ultimately rewarding. The similarities between my old post at The International School of Monaco and my new one at King’s end with the job title. However, a brand new blog-site and twitter account have already made things slightly more recognisable.

I have also had two WiFi site surveys carried out at King’s and had a very interesting meeting with some iPad solution experts. The way in which iPads can be managed now blew my mind and further added to my conviction to ensure learners and teachers at King’s get the opportunity for their learning & teaching to be redefined by using these remarkable tools.

During these WiFi surveys, I explored the ancient grounds of King’s in real detail. My adventures allowed me the liberty to take photos of the technology I came across and very quickly confirmed why my conviction to get iPads was so strong and necessary. I used them to make the poster above, that summarises things quite clearly. Things have changed, and so should our teaching.


2 thoughts on “Old School

  1. Nice graphic John. I’d like to point out one area (I know there are more) where old school tech has the advantage over the iPad (and I’m a fan of the iPad!!) – each of those old school devices can be charging / powered while the others are being used to teach / learn. Yes, they are undoubtedly a bit fiddly, bulky, etc. and I’m happy that your school are also going down the iPad route – but there’s still a place for old tech. It’s not dead yet, nor should it be!


  2. Hi Mr.Jones, I am happy for you that you are happy learning at your new school I will be following this website because it looks very breathtaking!


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