About John Jones

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John is responsible for driving school improvement through innovative use of technology. He has successfully created cultures of outstanding technology integration in the UK and also in international education and understands how meaningful use of technology can improve the teaching and learning experience.


One thought on “About John Jones

  1. Hi John,
    We just released Easy Annotate, the first 2 PDFs side by side iPad app, that allows you to read, underline and link 2 PDFs in 1 screen.

    We think it’s great for teacher and student, and it is perfect if you want to learn a language or I’ve you want to study in an other language. You can put the same PDF in 2 languages, next to each other!

    I’ve you want to try it, please let me know and I will send you the app for free!

    Best regards, Chris

    Easy Annotate


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