A Tale of One Tweet

Originally, I was a twitter sceptic. Facebook was my social media of choice and you can use more than 140 characters! What possible benefit could I get out of twitter? However, I pride myself on being open to new ideas and after hearing the praises of twitter sung by John Sutton (@HGJohn) during a trip to ISM, I decided to give it a go. Three years later, I have changed from the original Twitter heretic to a full on, hand-clapping disciple who is himself, trying to preach the gospel of twitter for teachers!

My first sermon at King’s took place last Monday, 3rd February. I ran a session at school in which I extolled the virtues of Twitter to a group of our staff using a combination of my Twitter for Teachers Prezi & my live Twitter Feed. In preparation for the session I sent this during my daily, muddy walk to school through Watts Meadow in Rochester.

The reverberations from that one, single tweet were quite incredible and were a microcosm of the wonders of twitter. Thank you to everybody who contributed in any way, shape or form.

A Truly Global Community:

A Forum for Discussion & Debate:

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 22.34.32

A Place to Make New Contacts:


A Mutual Support Network For Sharing & Obtaining Ideas

Getting Your Voice Heard


I can happily say that @Kings_Rochester is now building an exciting new twitter team. Along with our main school account, we have a @Kings_Prep account and @KSR_Classics account. Even more exciting are the teachers have also jumped on board the twitter bus: @PaulMedhurst @gcaroline47 @RogerOverend @Andypb2010 @KatjaNeubauer2 @ATWolverine341 and will, without any doubt, have a fantastic and game-changing, never-ending journey of learning enlightenment.


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