iPods and iPads in Year Six

On Friday, class 6B brought in their i-devices and we experimented with them as learning tools in the classroom. Each child established a dropbox account to which I pushed the lesson. It was amazing, they were instantly engaged in their learning, without me saying a word (no turning on computers, logging in etc helped as well). Next, in groups, the children simply followed the instructions to research a selection of school blogging sites from the UK to see what the content was like. Some of the class were so impressed with what they read that they were compelled to comment on the blogs instantly.

Following a class feedback session and break time, the children undertook their next task – to research apps that may be suitable for school usage. Three different groups investigated English, Science and Maths apps, and then posted their findings back into dropbox for a whole class plenary at the end of the lesson. It was amazing; complete engagement for all the children throughout. This was coupled with great teamwork as the children picked different areas within their chosen subject area to focus on. One child even solved the ‘How to save to dropbox from an iPad/Pod’ question. Take a screen snap shot and save it as a photo! I would never have thought of that! All in all a very successful first idevice lesson and later this week we will be using them to go on a ‘Virtual Field Trip’! Watch this (cyber)space…


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