Using iPad & Showbie to set, mark and collect Essays

This isn’t one for the iPad = creativity purists. However, it is a post for those who simply want to be able to set their students essays, collect them in, grade them and return their work completely paperlessly. The iPad does creativity amazingly – it also does the functional stuff too.

It’s also a great way of getting started with the iPad and the fantastic Showbie App whilst saving ink, paper and hassle.

As with any digital workflow solution, it may not fit with your schools set up so before you read on, this classroom hack requires the following (Google schools could adjust accordingly):

  • iPads
  • Office 365 account
  • Showbie
  • Microsoft Word App (or Excel/PowerPoint)

I have made four short videos that show how to get started with this workflow, two from the teachers perspective and two from the students that should helpfully provide a full view of how the workflow works.

1 – The first video shows teachers how they can get started with Showbie and set up their classes


2 – The second video shows how pupils get started with Showbie, join a specific class and can see what assignments they have been set


3 – The third video shows how pupils can then write their essays and easily hand-in to their teacher via Showbie


4- Finally, this is how teachers can collect work, provide feedback and return to the pupils through Showbie


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